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#cck12 | Catching up; Deja vu

Commentary by brainysmurf () on link by DinoCCK2012, #cck12 | Catching up; Deja vu, Jan 25, 2012.

Hi, Dino, I empathize with your experience. I just started into the world of FaceBook, Twitter and blogging in the last eight months and added HootSuite, Diigo and Flickr to the list last week. Perhaps there is some wisdom out there about doing this differently from the outset (such as setting up one's own domain in the #ds106 mooc). Alternatively, I view this whole digital identity management thing as a very important part of my learning about what works and what doesn't (for me) in the open webosphere.

Yes, the multiple signups are annoying. Some sites allow for crossover logins between existing Twitter, Google and FB accounts.

Hang in there, it's a great journey! :) (Hits Today: 2968 Total: 2968)

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