Anymouse, Jun 01, 2012

I third this one and add that it's better if your sheets may also be freshly flushed. I think that is thus creepy.
It happens much between everyone and my best friend. He'd call up me then want to do something else in addition to say he can call me back then I'd forget about it i quickly would think about precisely what he said after which it BAM! Phone bands! If we all legalize cannabis we would have wasted just about all our money spent on your War in Drugs... we witout a doubt complain enough about wasteful paying out so consider your hypocritical tactics and fumes it as part of your bowl.
It's awesome once the store cashiers keep the coupons by that week's ad on the register, at the all set to save anyone money! Forgot the coupons? Don't be anxious... they've acquired them and will happily combine as numerous offers as they can to get you a great deal. So wonderful. Awesome is usually: saying "we ended up being all like... " I ADORE when that happens! Usually all those questions would be the ones requested on recreation shows. I only love with the ability to answer the actual obscure inquiries!! [Comment] [Permalink] []