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I am Max Ugaz from Lima, Perú. This is my CCK12´s blog and I am happy to share it with the CCK12´s crowd. [HTML] [XML] Last Updated: 2012-02-15T23:33:42.350-0

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Catching Up at last!
Max Ugaz, Max @ #cck12, Jan 26, 2012
Finally I am here, my blog for #cck12. I am not a fan of blogging but I agree it's the most accepted way to share information in the Web. I have read again, this time with enough time, Siemens´s seminal article Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age ( and here are my main thoughts: The fact that the broad learning theories were developed before learning was impacted by IT is a valid start point for look for a new approach.... 2012-01-25T21:10:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

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