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Week 2: Patterns of connectivity (January 30 - February 3, 2012) • Thinking about thinking about Connectivism
mark_mcguire, Change MOOC #CCK11 #CCK12, Feb 02, 2012
A few days after attending the first live session of CCK12, I downloaded and listened to the audio recording ( I find it easier to concentrate on what was said when the complicated live, interactive experience is striped down to one channel, one medium. I listened closely while doing routine tasks around the house, replaying sections that I had trouble taking in. A couple of days later, I listened again, and this time I took notes (by typing them in directly onto my ... 2012-02-02T18:16:03-05:00 [Comment]

Week 1: What is Connectivism? (January 23 - 27, 2012) • Re: On making mistakes...
Joanne, Change MOOC #CCK11 #CCK12, Jan 30, 2012
Hi Mat, I've been thinking about your question regarding whether there is a need for private learning spaces. I would answer a definate YES. I think that while social/group/open learning can provide great benefit, so can closed/private learning. For example, in adult literacy in Canada (where I work), we often try to integrate the use of technology into teaching adults. For example, sometimes, we will help the students to set up blogs to record their learning journey. However, ... 2012-01-30T19:49:07-05:00 [Comment]

Getting started • I've set up another social networking platform for #CCK12
matbury, Change MOOC #CCK11 #CCK12, Jan 28, 2012
Hi everyone, This phpBB forum is still up and running and I'll keep it going for the duration of the course. I've just set up an alternative for anyone who's interested in a more dynamic, user generated and organised version of a social networking platform. It's less formal and less structured and puts participants at the centre rather than the weeks and topics. You can create groups, start forums, invite participants, send public and private messages, "tweet"... 2012-01-28T17:12:30-05:00 [Comment]

Getting started • Suggestions
Anne-Marie, Change MOOC #CCK11 #CCK12, Jan 27, 2012
Hi all, I just thought I'd start a discussion for any forum suggestions you might have. I hope I'm not jumping the gun on this, but I had an idea and there was nowhere else to put it! So without further ado... Suggestion 1: Can we please move the most current content to the top of the board rather than having it at the bottom? Suggestion 2: Can we have only 2012 content in the forums? Seems confusing/redundant to have both. Rather minor suggestions but thought I'd ... 2012-01-26T21:12:58-05:00 [Comment]

Getting started • Add a link to your blog on your profile
matbury, Change MOOC #CCK11 #CCK12, Jan 27, 2012
Hi everyone, Quick instructions on how to add a link to your blog on your profile so that it appears next to your name on every post: At the top left of any screen, go to: 1. User Control Panel > Profile > Website 2. Copy and paste the main page of your blog there 3. Hit submit. 4. Done! Now your co-learners can go to your latest blog post with one click of their mouse You'll also see a link "Edit signature" on the left. You can put #cck12, etc. in there and they&... 2012-01-26T23:20:34-05:00 [Comment]

Getting started • Re: RSS feed?
matbury, Change MOOC CCK12, Jan 26, 2012
Update: I've added this forum's site wide ATOM feed to the #change11 feed list. I'm still somewhat confused about which course is which since the CCK11 and CCK12 pages seem to be mixed. If you want to add it to your browser, just go to this page: feed.phpStatistics: Posted by matbury - 25 Jan 2012 19:32 2012-01-25T19:32:59-05:00 [Comment]

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