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When to apply Connectivism?
Suz, Free Range Learing Design, Feb 01, 2012
I have been thinking about how I have a contrary opinion of Connectivism as it is applied in education. Most of the time, I hear the properties of Social Constructivism mislabeled as Connectivism without regard to the special features of learning organism and learning organization. I have to wonder if Connectivism is a useful framework for formal learning at all. I always associate Connectivism with informal learning. I would say that even the #cck12 course is not an example that one ... 2012-02-01T11:50:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

TubeChop - Cosmos: A Personal Voyage - Episode 11 (Carl Sagan) (02:26)
Suz, Free Range Learing Design, Jan 26, 2012 In this segment, Carl Sagan reviews the amount of information we need to adapt quickly to changes (versus evolve slowly) and discusses our need to store information externally. #cck12 2012-01-26T08:51:00.001-08:00 [Comment]

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