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Connectivism: how it works in my mind... (#CCK12)
'cher red, 'Cher Red, Apr 05, 2012
In the beginning, I knew very little of the course in Connectivism except for the fact that it is indeed unusual. I was expecting that this would be a glimpse of the way learners of the future will learn. In my attempt to organize the course in my mind, I drew this concept map. It starts with the learner as a little RED square in one corner. I am trying to show the course as a journey from one corner to the opposite, where the learner ends up as an empowered, and well-rounded (literally) ... 2012-04-05T06:21:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

'cher red, 'Cher Red, Mar 17, 2012
Personal Learning Network (PLNs) are not simple graphical representations of connections that exists between an individual and his learning environment. Rather, ideally, PLNs are an articulated and much-analyzed interaction between the learner and his environment. It should spell out in simplified form, the elements of his environment that contributes to his development, presumably not just where he gets his information but also what affects his opinions, his point-of-view, and his critical ... 2012-03-16T21:10:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

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