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This blog has moved
DinoCCK2012, Dino's #cck12 Blog, Jan 30, 2012
Hi all, I recently changed my e-mail address, so, I've moved this blog to the following: http://dinocck12.blogspot.com/ Please update your "following" Thanks, Dino 2012-01-30T21:08:00.002-06:00 [Comment]

How to reduce the e-mail barrage for CCK12
DinoCCK2012, Dino's #cck12 Blog, Jan 28, 2012
Eureka! I've figured out how to reduce the barrage of e-mail for the CCK12 course! Turn off the notification e-mail options on your accounts because most of it will likely make it into The Daily anyways. This should make my life a lot more manageable for this course. If you're looking to do the same, here's what I've done (for the accounts I have setup). Blogger.com settings - Go to your blog - Login (if you'... 2012-01-28T12:30:00.000-06:00 [Comment]

Son of a tweet!
DinoCCK2012, Dino's #cck12 Blog, Jan 27, 2012
CCK12 For those of you who are avid tweeters, what do you think about this article? Winnipegers tweet it clean Aside from my 1st tweet when setting up a twitter account for this course (@DinoCCK2012), I've never tweeted, nor have I followed anyone's tweets, so I can't even answer my own questions. But that doesn't stop me from being curious. What's your experience with people from different parts of the world? Are there noticeable differences in their style ... 2012-01-26T22:25:00.000-06:00 [Comment]

#cck12 | Catching up; Deja vu
DinoCCK2012, Dino's #cck12 Blog, Jan 23, 2012
Ok, so far I think I've: Finally created all the accounts/IDs I've been asked to for week. Connected this blog to the CCK mooc.Read through most of the Daily's.Watched the tutorials (that I really would've appreciated to have received before being asked to sign up for multiple sites. After setting up multiple accounts on all the sites (Twitter, Diigo, Google Groups, blogger), I feel like I'm a little rat running through the same maze over and over ... 2012-01-22T12:08:00.000-06:00 [Comment]

#cck12 | Why does everyone need to connect to everyone else
DinoCCK2012, Dino's #cck12 Blog, Jan 23, 2012
Started a new course today - Connectivism (whatever that is) and Connective Knowledge.Puzzled by the new cultural "norm" for people to feel the need to share all aspects of their personal lives and connect to each other in so many ways. What makes everyone think that they're "special" and worth "following"?4 seemingly simple tasks for this week have taken me nearly 2 hours to complete: Join a group in "Google Groups"Sign pu for a MOOC.Create a Diigo account and join another group.... 2012-01-16T21:49:00.000-06:00 [Comment]

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