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Final Thoughts CCK12
Meanie, meanie, Apr 15, 2012
This course started off with confusion, as to what was expected, leading into an onslaught of information through posts and bookmarks. I settled down through the middle of the course but was still unable to devote ample time to the demanding expectations and thus spiralling into a heap of staleness. I did take immense learning from this course although on the sidelines for most of it. I could make good use of a course on time management. I ... 2012-04-15T11:41:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

Concept Map CCK12
Meanie, meanie, Apr 04, 2012
Just realized if you don't have VUE you can't see it. So this it converted to .png 2012-04-03T19:16:00.000-07:00 [Comment]

Open Content cck12
Meanie, meanie, Mar 28, 2012
Everyone likes free stuff. But in open schooling, publishing and software is it really free? Who pays for the overhead, the programers and the educators? Some sites offer freeware with an option for a donation. I believe I read a recent blog where out of 50,000 downloads not one person donated $2. Sounds awfully cheap. Personally, I have downloaded open programs and ... 2012-03-27T17:34:00.001-07:00 [Comment]

Complex Adaptive Systems CCK12
Meanie, meanie, Mar 10, 2012
CAS are systems that are constantly changing and adapting to their environments. The elements of these systems interact to form an unpredictable outcome. The relationship and reaction between the individual agents are more important than that of the individual agents themselves. Uncontrollable variables, internal or external factors, can effect the agents of the system to produce various outcomes. Some examples: Stock Markets, ... 2012-03-10T13:01:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Week: 5 Groups and Networks cck12
Meanie, meanie, Mar 01, 2012
Before I started the weeks' readings on groups and networks, I tried to define each one to compare and find the differences. They were exactly the same to me. Each of the two require entities of a common interest. Each are able to share ideas through connections. Each allow the participants to connect to one another. George states in his articulate presentation that these two terms "at the core are the same" So, are they? If not ... 2012-02-29T17:50:00.001-08:00 [Comment]

Week 4:cck12
Meanie, meanie, Feb 23, 2012
I work at Winnipeg Transit as a Bus Operator. Becoming an operator, one must go through 6 weeks of training. Initially, trainees are set up with a mentor (an employee with more then three years experience) prior to the start of training. This forms an initial social connection amongst 1200 or so employees. From this one connection, others will form quite rapadily. The mentor is there to help the new employee to adjust both ... 2012-02-22T18:19:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Week 3: Connected Knowledge cck12
Meanie, meanie, Feb 12, 2012
Connected knowledge is combining personal knowledge from,let's say a network of participants(as in a MOOC), to gain greater knowledge as a sum. The sum can be referred to the connected learning experience. In many cases large complex tasks are too difficult for just a single person; manufacturing, organisations etc.. So, a network of reliable entities work towards a common goal, each performing a part of the finished product. Connecting the ... 2012-02-12T15:51:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Week 2: Networked Learning cck12
Meanie, meanie, Feb 11, 2012
I, like most, find it very difficult to participate to my full potential in a program such as this. There is so much material to read and understand. I am a little behind but bear with me. I am going to attempt to describe networks and how it pertains to learning. A network is a collection of entities all sharing information amongst each other. These entities connect to, share and rearrange data to develop learning patterns. The brains' ... 2012-02-10T18:08:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

The Ugly Truth cck12
Meanie, meanie, Feb 05, 2012
2012-02-04T17:46:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Huh? Connectivism? cck12
Meanie, meanie, Feb 02, 2012
To me connetivism is what happens within a network agmost each node of that network. We all belong to a social network whether it be friends, family, work colleuges etc., inwhich we learn from. Connectivism is the content we stream our learning from. Each node within our network holds valueable content obtained from other nodes in an uncontrolable frenzy of information. Individuals can then choose what information ... 2012-02-02T08:42:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

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