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Re: Connectivism: Week 4 Intro Video
grace wolff, , Feb 16, 2012.

Thanks for the video George Very reassuring I am not the only lost soul in cyberland. I am not that organized. No matter what, I operate in a chaotic manner. I appreciate the example of linear time line, Dino- except for Twitter, I think I did all of this pretty much as you are. I couldn't see anything else that was possible. Reading everything is impossible for me. I see I am not the only confused participant according to the video .I only read things I enjoy or are relevent and with pictures. Not because I am a baby but because I speak that language. Somehow this all seems really random though. I forget where everything is, and it isn't easy to follow a train of thought so I am peice-mealing . I value the emails and newsletters as they remind me. If I didn't do other things on the internet in other courses I probably wouldn't share, as my world is physical and tangible.Or I would be on some other tangent. My imagination and alter realities are expressed in art, not electronic art, but something you can touch and see and feel. It would be amazing to have a clubhouse where you can hang out with friends. This is like that but not really. Reading and commenting on blogs or posts is fun but it feels like it isn't meaningful at all Unless there is Feedback. I try and give feedback. I am falling behind with watching videos and being on the live chat . Isn't my cup of tea! Hopefully that is alright-- we are learning to pick and choose isn't what this is all about?

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Personal Learning Networks for Educators: 10 Tips | Getting Smart
grace wolff, 687 - Best content in CCK 12 | Diigo - Groups, Feb 01, 2012.

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I saved this to diijo; good things to remember about networking thanks

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My network is my learning
grace wolff, 650 - CCK12, Feb 01, 2012.

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Quote from Ilona's blog; "in the 21st century currency is currency"

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