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January 26, 2012

Live Online Session Today


In Connectivism & Connective Knowledge 2012 we use the Blackboard Collaborate conferencing tool to hold live sessions online. You are encouraged to join us for these sessions - but if you can't, we'll always have recodings you can review later.

Sessions will always be announced in this newsletter but in general you can plan on the following schedule:
- every Thursday
- 8:00 p.m. Eastern

This week's online session will therefore be held today! Here's the link to enter the Collaborate environment: click here. It will be the same link every week, so you can save or bookmark this URL. To check what time 8:00 p.m. Eastern is where you live, click here to check your time zone.

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Stepping further into the connected world.. CCK12
retiredprincipal, Retired, learning and connecting.....
I retired as a Minnesota middle school principal (1300 student school) in July 2011 after 38 years in education.  In 3 weeks I defend my dissertation and complete a three year journey in a doctoral program.  Registering for the MOOC class CCK12 sounded like a great opportunity to be part of something I am very [...] [Link] Thu, 26 Jan 2012 06:11:58 +0000 [Comment]

Catching Up at last!
Max Ugaz, Max @ #cck12
Finally I am here, my blog for #cck12. I am not a fan of blogging but I agree it's the most accepted way to share information in the Web. I have read again, this time with enough time, Siemens´s seminal article Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age (http://www.itdl.org/journal/jan_05/article01.htm) and here are my main thoughts:The fact that the broad learning theories were developed before learning was impacted by IT is a valid start point for look for a new approach.The .... [Link] 2012-01-25T21:10:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Joining up the dots with Connectivism…
cyberloom, cyberloom
I have signed up to participate in the MOOC titled “Connectivism, Networked Learning, and Connective Knowledge, 2012″  with George Siemens and Stephen Downes acting in the roles of instructors. I have been a fan of Connectivism for quite a while without even knowing it. It is intriguing to be given a name for something that previously had no name. A name …Read [Link] Thu, 26 Jan 2012 05:10:12 +0000 [Comment]

Que es un MOOC? #cck12
Gabriel Bunster, Conversando de Conectivismo
Me he inscrito nuevamente al curso de Conectivismo (#CCK12) de la univesidad de Manitoba y quiero compartir mis notas en español a partir del video "Que es un MOOC?".Estamos en una época de sobrecarga de información, que está en todas partes, como se dice "on your fingertips".donde conectamos con contenidos y personasUn MOOC (Massive Open Online Course = Curso masivo abierto en línea) es una nueva forma de aprender.Un MOOC es un curso, es abierto al que quiera ingresar, es sin costo, es .... [Link] 2012-01-24T16:01:00.001-03:00 [Comment]

El conocimiento en un MOOC #cck12
Gabriel Bunster, Conversando de Conectivismo
Un MOOC (Massive Open Online Course = Curso masivo abierto en línea) es un ecosistema desde donde conocimiento puede emerger.Esta idea de controlar si yo aprendí el "conocimiento apropiado" o correcto de parte de un examinador, es un concepto que queda en el pasado.ecosistemaLos materiales de un MOOC son solo el punto de partida para el conocimiento que negociaremos en el proceso.El output de un MOOC puede ser una discusión, posteos en blogs, artículos en revistas, etc.Un MOOC es realmente .... [Link] 2012-01-25T09:02:00.002-03:00 [Comment]

CCK12 – Curso de Conectivismo y Conocimiento Conectivo
Carmen Gloria Caamaño, Blog de Carmen Gloria Caamaño
Siguiendo el consejo de mi coach (Gabriel Bunster) y mi intuición; me inscribí en el curso "Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2012" que dicta la Universidad de Manitoba en Canadá.Se inició el 23 de Enero y dura 12 semanas.Me atreví porque al leer la Bienvenida a CCK12 indicaba que es un curso abierto en línea que explora los conceptos de conectivismo y conocimiento conectivo, y su aplicación como marco para las teorías de la enseñanza y aprendizaje (temas que me apasionan). Además,.... [Link] 2012-01-25T20:05:00.000-03:00 [Comment]

Is the organizational model broken? Start a company.
Mark McGuire, Mark McGuire's Blog
Today’s edition of  Stephen Downes’ Online Daily email contains a link to Sebastian Thrun’s “University 2.0″ video (27:30), in which he explains that he left his tenured position at Stanford University in order to embark on a “mission to change the future of education“. Thrun is responsible for Stanford’s high profile “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence” course [...] [Link] Thu, 26 Jan 2012 08:43:23 +0000 [Comment]

What could this be? #corejan12 #cck12
Chrissi Nerantzi, Chrissi Nerantzi
What could it [Link] Thu, 26 Jan 2012 00:49:35 +0000 [Comment]

#Change11 #CCK12 Net generation, teaching and learning with new and emergent technology
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
There are a lot of assumptions about net generation: and one of the myths lies with the: Net generation are technology savvy. In accordance to this research (Kennedy et al. 2008): While some differences between 'generations' were apparent from the data presented … Continue reading → [Link] Thu, 26 Jan 2012 01:19:06 +0000 [Comment]

Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age #CCK12
diethild, The Third Place
Reading G. Siemens’ (2005) article motivated me to reflect on the concept of “knowledge”. It is true that, since a lot of people I know from around the world have access to the internet and know how to use tools to communicate and share information, my learning has been impacted. In fact, I would not [...] [Link] Wed, 25 Jan 2012 19:45:05 +0000 [Comment]

CCK12 – an unusual course
diethild, The Third Place
This is my second attempt to participate in a course like this. The first time I registered, in 2011, I was overwhelmed (swamped) by a instructions about “how to” do things and so many information and shares from fellow participants that I simply shoot the digital door after a week or so. I remember telling [...] [Link] Tue, 24 Jan 2012 23:40:35 +0000 [Comment]

Sharing personal Info #CCK12
Terry Tomasiewicz - pformyfuture, pformyfuture
I agree with the comments about sharing info with “friends”.   A big problem I have is how people define who those friends are and what some of those friends posts that affects me too.  When I refer to me, I am thinking of my kids not myself.  I like to share things with my personal [...] [Link] Tue, 24 Jan 2012 15:02:09 +0000 [Comment]

#Change11 #CCK12 University 2.0 – Sebastian Thrun
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
An inspiring talk on University 2.0 by Sebastian Thrun where he shared his experience in teaching the AI course for free in last fall of 2011, and his vision of education. He is now teaching in Udacity. Here are post and … Continue reading → [Link] Wed, 25 Jan 2012 22:28:28 +0000 [Comment]

#Change11 #CCK12 Learning to learn
suifaijohnmak, Learner Weblog
As I have shared in my previous post on the generation gaps in learning, I would continue to explore the Net Generation and Education here. Below is an extract from Youtube about the Net Generation video: Thanks to the ubiquity … Continue reading → [Link] Tue, 24 Jan 2012 13:54:04 +0000 [Comment]

Hello World!
Ilona Lantos, CCK12
My first CCK12 post. Permalink | Leave a comment  » [Link] Tue, 17 Jan 2012 21:18:00 -0800 [Comment]

Next Steps in #CCK12
Joanne, Road2Learn
Joining Google group = check / Setting up Diggo = check / Setting up a blog = check / Participating in the Elluminate session = check / Setting up the RSS blog feed to the Daily = check (hopefully!). Whew! Lots of set-up, lots of time, lots of mistakes, lots of learning! Now I've just set up my Twitter account called @Road2Learn: https://twitter.com//Road2Learn Keeping track of user names and passwords is going to be hard. Especially since I have home and work social media .... [Link] 2012-01-24T12:47:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

Getting Started - Connectivism & Connective Knowledge - #CCK12
Joanne, Road2Learn
Hello! My name is Joanne Kaattari and this is my new blog for the course "Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2012"  This is my second course in the University of Manitoba's "Emerging Technologies for Learning" program. I am deeply interested and involved in new learning technologies. I work in adult literacy where lifelong learning is highly valued. From what I've read and observed so far, this course will involve a lot of experiential learning. Yes! That is my absolute .... [Link] 2012-01-23T06:39:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

I’ve joined another MOOC. Thats nice . . . What’s a MOOC?
Mark McGuire, Mark McGuire's Blog
A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course. A MOOC can accommodate a large number of individuals (thousands, in some cases), and they are open to anyone who wants to participate. The weekly plan, resources, live sessions and recordings are available for anyone to access online, and they are focused on a particular area of [...] [Link] Wed, 25 Jan 2012 11:27:11 +0000 [Comment]

Students go to school in the mornings, make a film in the afternoons
Mark McGuire, Mark McGuire's Blog
This morning, a colleague drew my attention to an interesting report (5:34) that aired on TV1 news last night (Monday 23 January). It was about a group of five New Zealand students at Hamilton Boys High School (Juan Robertson, Robin Kuyper, Nathaniel Watson, David Robinson and Simon Lillis) who attended school for just three hours a [...] [Link] Tue, 24 Jan 2012 07:11:19 +0000 [Comment]

understanding connectivism and connective knowledge
Maryel Mendiola, Just another node :)
This is going to be my first MOOC :) I'm ready and excited to learn about connectivist understanding of educational systems of the [Link] 2012-01-24T00:23:00.000-08:00 [Comment]

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#Change11 #CCK12 Net generation, teaching and learning with new and emergent technology
Downes, 651 - Learner Weblog, January 26, 2012.

Type your [Comment]

#cck12 | Why does everyone need to connect to everyone else
brainysmurf, 653 - Dino's #cck12 Blog, January 25, 2012.

Hi, Dino. I think you'll find this course very helpful in terms of discovering what works for you and what doesn't. I was a late comer to many of these technologies (see my previous comment on your other post) and I have found many ways to make use of them professionally, not just personally. For me, The Daily newsletter is a fantastic aggregate of the week's readings, people's blog posts, comments on the #cck12 site and Twitter feeds. If you don't like it or don't need it, that's cool too. To each their own [Comment]

#cck12 | Catching up; Deja vu
brainysmurf, 653 - Dino's #cck12 Blog, January 25, 2012.

Hi, Dino, I empathize with your experience. I just started into the world of FaceBook, Twitter and blogging in the last eight months and added HootSuite, Diigo and Flickr to the list last week. Perhaps there is some wisdom out there about doing this differently from the outset (such as setting up one's own domain in the #ds106 mooc). Alternatively, I view this whole digital identity management thing as a very important part of my learning about what works and what doesn't (for me) in the open webosphere. Yes, the multiple signups are annoying. Some sites allow for crossover logins between existing Twitter, Google and FB accounts. Hang in there, it's a great journey! :) [Comment]


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Downes, Re: #Change11 #CCK12 Net generation,

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@gbunster tweeted: Conectivismo; tesis: el conocimiento se distribuye en una red de conexiones; aprender es desarrollar capacidad de articular por ellas #cck12 2012-01-26T11:16:28Z

@kukharenko tweeted: RT @bugaychuk: Connectivism: Its place in theory-informed research and innovation in technology-enabled learning - http://t.co/wnfWij4J #UkrEl11 #cck12 2012-01-26T10:11:20Z

@maxugaz tweeted: Catching up with #cck12 ! I read again Siemens´s Connectivism: A Learning Theory for the Digital Age http://t.co/U67ZAPlR Excellent! 2012-01-26T05:48:02Z

@maxugaz tweeted: #cck12 What Connectivism Is by Downes: the thesis that knowledge=set of connections formed by actions and experience http://t.co/dwIm4dxI 2012-01-26T08:22:01Z

@bugaychuk tweeted: Connectivism: Its place in theory-informed research and innovation in technology-enabled learning - http://t.co/wnfWij4J #UkrEl11 #cck12 2012-01-26T08:21:52Z

@bugaychuk tweeted: The Ethics of Mobile Learning: Troubling and Complex | http://t.co/lkQlMpI4 - http://t.co/TmJj1N14 #UkrEl11 #cck12 2012-01-26T06:51:01Z

@tonammerlaan tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 Learning to learn | Learner Weblog | @scoopit http://t.co/32my3UcI 2012-01-26T09:14:21Z

@mark_mcguire tweeted: "Is the organizational model broken? Start a company" (Post w/ links) http://t.co/4qNyhHYq #change11 #CCK12 #highered #edtech #OER 2012-01-26T08:52:58Z

@myour2 tweeted: Began the S. Downes' connectivism MOOC this week. Enjoying various blogs but barely know how to start. Suggestions? #CCK12 2012-01-26T05:25:39Z

@MHall_ICT tweeted: I recommend social bookmarking to #cck12 crew. I use Diigo, check out my lists at http://t.co/A3ak4p7D 2012-01-26T03:56:09Z

@MHall_ICT tweeted: #cck12 = Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2012 http://t.co/aREPB0nG 2012-01-26T03:47:40Z

@MHall_ICT tweeted: Doing #cck12 open online course next 12 weeks, already getting great info coming my way! Ruminating in blog not 4 me, so Twitter it is! 2012-01-26T03:46:06Z

@Stevenhennessey tweeted: #CCK12 - Political differences, debates and discourse. Is this a way that Connectiveism and Connective knowledge is shared...? #Winnipeg 2012-01-26T03:05:40Z

@mark_mcguire tweeted: Re: Sebastian Thrun & Uni 2.0: (http://t.co/jTegQqVx) Collaborators + Nodes > Heroes + Centres @downes: "what WE are doing" #change11 #CCK12 2012-01-26T02:07:35Z

@mark_mcguire tweeted: Sebastian Thrun video: Uni 2.0: http://t.co/jTegQqVx "58,000 Want Course" http://t.co/iQQKC64h & http://t.co/f27nSgu4 #change11 #CCK12 2012-01-26T02:03:41Z

@suZombie06 tweeted: CCK12 Week 1 What is Connectivism? Want to join me? #cck12-- http://t.co/PgFLAY87 2012-01-26T00:42:52Z

@ce_bclark tweeted: #cck12 more... The first such course so named was Connectivism and Connective Knowledge 2008, hosted by Stephen Downes and George Siemens 2012-01-25T23:40:03Z

@ce_bclark tweeted: #cck12 Didn't know this: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) engages networked learning methods within the typical structure of a course. 2012-01-25T23:39:33Z

@cgcaamano tweeted: Blog de Carmen Gloria Caamaño: CCK12 – Curso de Conectivismo y Conocimiento Conec... http://t.co/hS2aGTUN 2012-01-25T23:32:46Z

@suifaijohnmak tweeted: RT @mark_mcguire: Sebastian Thrun video: Uni 2.0: "I have taken the red pill, and I've seen wonderland" http://t.co/jTegQqVx #change11 #CCK12 via @downes 2012-01-25T22:31:04Z

@suifaijohnmak tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 University 2.0 - Sebastian Thrun http://t.co/gp8quseZ 2012-01-25T22:28:35Z

@myweb2learn tweeted: “What we know today is not as important as our ability to continue to stay current.” - @gsiemens #cck12 2012-01-25T22:00:08Z

@mark_mcguire tweeted: Sebastian Thrun video: Uni 2.0: "I have taken the red pill, and I've seen wonderland" http://t.co/jTegQqVx #change11 #CCK12 via @downes 2012-01-25T21:36:51Z

@brainysmurf1234 tweeted: New to Diigo today. Finding it quite interesting. Comments? http://t.co/gJD7ndKx #lrnchat #cck12 #change11 2012-01-25T20:37:29Z

@Tracy_Parish tweeted: RT @brainysmurf1234: RT @quinnovator @jaycross: How we see it at Internet Time Alliance. http://t.co/JhNgr6wI #itashare #lrnchat #change11 #cck12 2012-01-25T20:27:17Z

@thbeth tweeted: RT @suifaijohnmak: #Change11 #CCK12 Net generation, teaching and learning with new and emergent technology http://t.co/MRXuF0pd 2012-01-26T01:24:29Z

@suifaijohnmak tweeted: #Change11 #CCK12 Net generation, teaching and learning with new and emergent technology http://t.co/MRXuF0pd 2012-01-26T01:19:11Z

@amecarey tweeted: @chrissinerantzi @sethropp Hope this helps! Link to first session: https://t.co/ug91URQE and the time/date link: http://t.co/F55pHa1Q 2012-01-26T01:13:52Z

@chrissinerantzi tweeted: What could this be? #corejan12 #cck12 http://t.co/bnfinOPj 2012-01-26T00:49:44Z

@amecarey tweeted: Awaiting a course outline and week 1 content for #CCK12... ready to go! Or do we start with 2011 week 1 content? Slightly confused. 2012-01-26T00:46:53Z